August 17, 2009

Three days from Colorado with my dad. It was a blast. I have actually been in the Apt now for about 2 days but furniture, bed shopping, building end tables, organizing, hanging pictures, shopping for kitchen stuffs with my new roommate, meeting and drinking with soon-to-be peers and learning my way around town have each been a high priority at the moment. Also, I am stealing wireless at the moment. So things might might be fairly sporadic.

I hate being away from the internet for too long. Because I have to catch up on blogs, on commentary, on commentary of the commentary. Right to Left and sounding it out is exhausting. Am I complaining about reading? Yep. Law school a poor choice because of that? Indubitably.

More updates to come throughout the week. I am moved and furnished. Now I need to organize, settle finical matters, make new friends, eat a cheesesteak, organize and force myself to do an orientation assignment. I’ll post pictures soon, because in spite of myself I really must say my new place looks rather….um…professional.

For good or ill I am growing up and I really am not sure what I think about that yet. OK for now…


One Response to “Arrived”

  1. idwsj Says:

    I’m in the same boat right now. Internet is sparse. Life feels all sorts of twilight.

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