Ready… Set…

August 23, 2009

Back up near law school. Orientation begins Monday, classes Thursday. I have already encountered a few neat people and a few uber-Type A’s. Currently a number of people are out at the bars. I have no car so I am catching up on some organizing. Also, I have a 500 dollar deductible, so drinks are a forgone luxury at the moment. I have homework now officially. Pennoyer v. Neff for Civil Procedure. I understand its a doozy but I do have until Thursday. I also have Grant v. Arizona to brief for orientation. Fun stuff abounds.

I am still stealing internet, so I think I might bike to a coffee shop tomorrow (no car until next week maybe) and read over both cases. That, and check e-mail inre: orientation.  I have been told to wear business casual for Tuesday, my last day of orientation. I grew up down south and always get a kick out of people needing to be told what exactly business casual is. Monday, however, we were told “it will be hot. Feel free to dress casual but remember, you are a member of a professional environment now!” Um… OK. I guess one of my favorite T-shirts is out of the question, even if I attend a Catholic School now.

OK for now. A proper post tomorrow–about books and people and schedules and first impressions.


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