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As per a number of pieces of advice “teh internetz” has provided for me in the past few months, I have decided to follow up and maintain a blog during my law school experience; apparently, such helps one to better vent, process the insanity, share horror stories, and generally take a break from law school. A blog’s upkeep, however, requires diligence and discipline. Two things, survey says, that I’ve yet to acquire. No matter, for such skills are to be drilled into my skull come end of August.

Charm and eloquence, on the other had, are the few traits that have allowed me to scrape by thus far (in both undergraduate and real world), not ‘diligence and discipline.’ Thus, I feel that this blog’s title might be appropriate. That guy who talked his way out of an incomplete three-week late thesis only to get an A? Me. That guy who explained his absences in a drama class all year by explaining that on Wednesday’s he had been preparing for stand-up routines and then had the audacity to petition the school for extra credit? Me. That guy who seems to end relationships he didn’t ever truly care about in the way that makes it all her fault (sorry girls)? Me.

I don’t write this to brag or explain how awesome I am. I like to think, honestly, that I don’t brag and I know for a fact I am not awesome. I just want to provide context for my title. I want to explain (as succinctly as possible, so we can all move on) what a Rat Bastard I truly am. I have been able to get away with a lot of shit up until now, but I think law school is going to be a grade-A, 100 percent kick in the pants.

So if you hate the guy I just described myself to be, then bookmark this shit. I’m about to get schooled…


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