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September 8, 2009

I am tired. Recovering from Labor Day weekend and struggling with my first legal writing assignment, today has been busy. But I promised a post sooner rather than later, so here it is.

First week thoughts:

  • The sheer volume of law school neuroses boggles me. People need different color pens, people have to have their books arranged just so, folks all seem to struggle with a lack of routine all the while assuring everyone around them that they most definitely have theirs all figured out. Its interesting to watch law students. Its like sitting in an airport. An airport full of nerds.
  • Reading is no longer greek to me. Breifing is going faster. I know a number of my classmates have already given up on briefing proper, but I feel that it really helps me to process the material. I am not sure that I will ever look at them again though.
  • My professors (Civ Pro, Torts, Crim Law) are ridiculously accomplished and each are unique in their pedagogy. Crim law is the liberal arts, philosophical bent (my bread and butter). Torts is sharp and passionate; a great class to have early in the morning. Civ Pro is definitely the old school, brilliant, extract the nuggets of law school goodness from an awesome lecture kind of guy. He has been doing this forever and just knows his stuff. I love civ pro. The idea that the rules of the game are less a measuring stick and more of a force that binds the universe together gets me wet. Truly.
  • Continuing with the Jedi metaphor, I feel that law school is really just a glimpse into the legal world. There seems to be so much to know, so much that can change and so many ways to discover/process/analyze information. In that sense it is totally overwhelming. At the same time, however, never before in my formal education have I felt that I was truly being given a set of tools or, if you’ll allow it–NERD ALERT–building  a light saber. I don’t yet know much about the law, but I know that I am loving what I think I can use all this for.
  • Finally, I am certain that I am in the right place. It’s not something I could have said a week ago, honestly. The economy is hurting the legal profession and I know that I am not in a school that will magically open doors for me. Doesn’t matter. I feel our generation of law grads are going to be forced to be a lot more creative than previous generations. That excites me. If you want big law, more power to you. I never did. I am here for damn sport of it. My train of thought on this subject does not yet have a caboose.

OK Mad Man Encore is starting and I begin a diet/work regiment tomorrow. Be well Gentle Readers.


Coffee and Internet or the Before the Storm

August 24, 2009

Found a coffee shop. Internetz working. Huzzah.

Aside from my incredible car adventure, all is fairly calm in Law School world (at the moment). There seem to be a few burps here and there (NO idea if I have the right edition of the Civ Pro book, as the Professor has said one thing, the school another and students I’ve met said a third thing). I have a case to brief for orientation briefing instructions on Tuesday–Pennoyer v. Neff–a chapter for Civ Pro on Thursday, and some Torts / Crim law reading that I have yet to find out even though it is on a web page that I can’t figure out. Confusing times. It is tough being without a printer/internet, but I think that Orientation will clear a lot of stuff up tomorrow. In the meantime, I have bills to split with the roommate and phone calls to make.

I wish I would have more to tell people today, but I don’t. This is the calm before the storm, as such. I think that I will be in the Library tomorrow after orientation, busting ass and have a lot to blog about. I would stay here in the coffee shop, but a fairly loud group of people have decided that they would prefer to sit right next to be instead of the 20 other some odd seats all around the place. Awesome. For those few people who have already started, I have the following question for you:

If I don’t start on 1st day assignments until tomorrow (which Civ pro-due thursday, Torts/Crim due friday along with whatever civ pro assignment I’m sure I’ll get Thursday for Friday), will I have plenty of time to do them? I’d rather get orientation reading done tonight and make sure that bills are paid. Plus I’ll be able to wait until tomorrow to make sure I have correct books/handouts/assignments etc… Is 3 days enough to due a typical 1 class assignment? Also, are first day class assignments larger than your average class-load worth of reading?

Thanks in Advance! Stay Classy Internetz!

Ready… Set…

August 23, 2009

Back up near law school. Orientation begins Monday, classes Thursday. I have already encountered a few neat people and a few uber-Type A’s. Currently a number of people are out at the bars. I have no car so I am catching up on some organizing. Also, I have a 500 dollar deductible, so drinks are a forgone luxury at the moment. I have homework now officially. Pennoyer v. Neff for Civil Procedure. I understand its a doozy but I do have until Thursday. I also have Grant v. Arizona to brief for orientation. Fun stuff abounds.

I am still stealing internet, so I think I might bike to a coffee shop tomorrow (no car until next week maybe) and read over both cases. That, and check e-mail inre: orientation.  I have been told to wear business casual for Tuesday, my last day of orientation. I grew up down south and always get a kick out of people needing to be told what exactly business casual is. Monday, however, we were told “it will be hot. Feel free to dress casual but remember, you are a member of a professional environment now!” Um… OK. I guess one of my favorite T-shirts is out of the question, even if I attend a Catholic School now.

OK for now. A proper post tomorrow–about books and people and schedules and first impressions.