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Hey Kids

September 9, 2009

You’re ridiculous hypotheticals don’t win you any points. Cease and desist….



September 6, 2009

Apologies…my first week in law school has been quite a busy one. I know that I am truly in grad school when I have an upcoming 3 day weekend and think to myself, “Hot Damn! Three whole days. I’m gonna be able to get ahead in my reading and finally finish unpacking and organizing my room! Maybe, if I am feeling dangerous, I might go find a universal remote and program it so I can actually watch all the t.v. I want sitting down!”

Honestly, I am discovery one of the clearest axioms I had ever heard about law school: Expect everything you do to take longer than you plan on. This is unequivocally true. Reading takes longer (although I am getting better at that), extra-curricular reading (more on that later) that I need to understand exactly what is happening in class takes longer, cooking takes longer because I get lost driving to the crazy-ass far away grocer. Even printing things off takes a while because I need to do it at the law school and their printers every so often decide that they hate my computer.

That all said, I am enjoying the hell out of law school. I second Law School Ninja‘s sentiments, that we 1L’s won’t be signing this tune for long. I, however, am not worried. Why you ask? Because I am a masochist. I enjoy the almost drowning feeling almost has much as I enjoy feeling just comfortable enough to let myself go to shit whenever the next shoe drops. Well…

Not really. But I figured that I started this blog to better manage the life changes law school will force upon me and I would be foolish not to embrace them. That said, I promise that I will be better about posting on here however short or rambling my thoughts maybe. I will sum up my first weeks thoughts and lessons either tonight or tomorrow.

And yes…class has reached the point where kids wastes time with stupid hypos and I can start jumping on web the web–state tuned for in-class posts. The fellow 1L bloggers I know I’m sure would never do such things. But then again, they all go to better schools that I do 😛